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Full-Form of SMO is Social Media Optimization. It means that telling about your or any brand’s products on any social platform, sharing related things, or optimizing a product through social media is named Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Social media optimization involves two basic steps: the first step is to create shareable content and use social sharing tools and platforms so that as many people as possible can engage and share further.

Best Social Media Optimization (SMO) sites

  • Facebook- Best social media website used by millions of people every day.
  • Twitter- The best social media site for busy people, you can share your messages publicly under 140 character limit.
  • Linkedin- Linkedin is the best social network for the corporate world and businessmen.
  • YouTube- YouTube is the most popular video platform.
  • Pinterest – This is another type of SMO site. In this you can post the image and then share it so that you can get high PR traffic.

Why use (SMO)?

If you are thinking of doing SMO for your website, but a question is coming to your mind that “why use SMO”, then definitely check this list once.

  • Traffic-SMO is a huge source of traffic. If SMO is done effectively, then you can bring huge traffic to your website i.e. a lot of people visit your website.
  • Website’s visibility-As we all know, a large number of people use social networking websites. SMO helps you to increase the visibility of the website.
  • Communication channel-In today’s time companies provide many easy way to their customers apart from business methods (email and call support) so that customers can reach them easily and their connections can be strengthened.
  • Free advertisement- through social media you can advertise your business for free.
  • Customer’s satisfaction-It helps to increase customer satisfaction if customers contact you through social media and get instant answers.
  • Sharing updates-If you want to announce important information that should reach your customers as quickly as possible, then SMO in the form of Facebook page, Twitter etc. is the best way to get it on.
  • In this article we have tried to give you the basic knowledge of SMO. Tell us in the comments how did you like this article?

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