Social Media… and Social Media Platform.

As we know, nowadays social media is playing an important role in our life. People are spending most of their time on it. Now we will see what social media actually means.

The platform through which we can connect to people. It is a kind of tool through which we get lots of information. People can create and share any kind of information in virtual communities. It can be in the form of images, text, or videos.


Social Media Social Media Marketing

There are basically 6 types of social media platforms.

  • Social networks

These are used to connect with individuals or brands on the web. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

  • Media sharing platforms

These are used to share photographs, videos, live videos, and other kinds of media. Examples are Instagram, Snapchat, youtube.

  • Discussion forms

It is used to discuss or share different kinds of pieces of information and opinion. For example quora.

  • Content curation networks

It is used to share discussions and save a variety of content. For example, Pinterest, Flipboard.

  • Customer review platforms

These are used to get reviews of any brand or product. Such as zomato,swiggy, TripAdvisor.

  • Blogging and publishing networks

It includes tumbler, WordPress.By writing blogs it provides any kind of information.

Advantages of social media

  • It is a useful tool for e-learning.Students can connect with teachers or friends via WhatsApp chat or a zoom video call to clear their doubts. Various social-media platform like, pinterest or tumbler can help them to find solution for their queries.
  • People can stay updated with latest happening around in the world.
  • It can help to promote business whether it is online or offline.You can interact with so many new customers.
  • People can connect with anyone from anywhere.
  • It can also used for noble causes.For example to promote NGO or social welfare activities.

Basically, social media is becoming an important part of our lives. We can collect content in one place or we can connect anyone at any time from anywhere.

Now, comment on the disadvantages of social- media.

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