SEO? What is ON Page SEO & OFF Page SEO?

in the last Blog, we have discussed Search Engines. The full form of SEO is Search engine optimization. as we can see lots of people searching for SEO. in this blog we are going to discuss What is SEO? and There types of ON page SEO & OFF page SEO. It is the process of improving the number of website visitors by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine such as Google. When you understand how SEO works, you can use different tricks to increase your visibility in search results. Keyword plays an important role in search engine optimization. It uses some keywords that attract a user to the website.For example,if you have a business related to food venture ,keyword would be “vegetarian menu”,”thali”or any word which is related to food,that a client want to search for finding a product.

Types of SEO

Now we will see what are the types of SEO and how they are important in digital marketing strategy for engagement of client with our product or brand. Every search engine has a different algorithm on which it works. Ranking of websites or youtube channels depends upon which technology is used. Followings are the different types of SEO :


Search engine optimization.


Is fully focused on visitors. The technique used in this is to attract visitors to the sites. It is a legal technique which is followed all the guidelines of search engines. It is regarded to google in which google didn’t take any action against your sites. But with the help of Google and the search engine, it increases the ranking of your website.

Strategies used in white hat SEO

⦁ Quality content-Always provide good and original content on your site. It will help you to keep a high ranking of your site.
⦁ Website speed-faster is better. For the engagement of the client your website speed should be better. You can check your site speed by the google speed test tool.
⦁ Good and easy navigation-Structure of your site should be well designed and simple as a user can easily get access. It will increase the value of your site. Use SEO-friendly themes.


It is the opposite of white hat SEO. Rather than viewers, it is focused on search engines. It is used to get ranking in a rapid way. But it cant be used in long term. It does not follow any search engine guidelines.

Strategies used in black hat SEO

⦁ Keywords staffing-In this technique number of keywords are used whether it is related to the content or not. The purpose of this is only to get a higher rank on the site.
⦁ Hidden text and links.
⦁ Doorway pages in SEO.
⦁ Low-quality pages-In which maximum numbers of keywords are used and provide less quantity of information.


It is a combination of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. In this technique, 5% of black hat SEO and 95% of white hat SEO are used. It partially follows the guidelines of search engines. Sites which are used this kind of technique are not blocked by google.


ON-PAGE SEO is also called ON-SITE SEO. To get a higher ranking of your, whatever Search engine optimization. activities you do are called ON-PAGE SEO. Such as write good content, give proper titles, write in detailed descriptions, use powerful tags and keywords. All these activities are responsible to put a high rank on your site. It is fully controlled or managed by us only.

Important factors used in ONPAGE SEO

⦁ Content-Always write unique and interesting content in simple words.
⦁ Title-While giving title use keywords and should be attractive and related to content.
⦁ Heading tags-Use proper heading and tags. So that a user can visit your site.
⦁ Keywords-Always use high searchable and low competition keywords.
⦁ Meta description-Write a good and complete description.
⦁ URL structure-Use main keywords in URL and it should be SEO friendly.


It is the opposite of ON-PAGE SEO. After publishing content on-site to get a higher ranking whatever activities done from outside is called OFF PAGE SEO. Such as promotion, share links on social sites, or advertising.

Important factors used in OFF PAGE SEO

⦁ Promotion-You can promote your content on social sites by sharing links or URLs.
⦁ Search engine submission-Submit your web pages in search engines.
⦁ Paid Advertising.

In digital marketing, SEO plays an important role. Due to this, your sites get a higher ranking or get engaged with visitors. It is a smart way of increasing visibility online by saving time and cost of marketing.

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