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Search Engine

Search Engine and Search engine optimization play a major part in Digital marketing A search engine is a software on which we can search any information or any content on (www)world wide web. and Search engine optimization means by the customization of our website suitable to the A user types any keyword into a search engine for searching content and it receives in the form of websites, images, videos, or data that matches with the search query.

The list of content returned via an inquiry engine to a user is understood as an inquiry engine results page (SERP).
Search Engines are now a part of our lifestyle and one among the foremost important tools for number of internet users worldwide. In day-to-day life, people are becoming more and more hooked to search engines to get the solution for their queries. Like from searching for the destination for the weekend to get the knowledge of any subject. The first program known throughout history is Archie! In 1989 it was invented by Alan Emtage.

What are the search engines?

Basically, there are three sorts of search engines by which we can differentiate them:

  • Navigational search engine
  • Informational search engine
  • Transactional search engine

In a navigational search engine, we can directly search for any website or webpages. An informational search engine means the user can search for any information over any topic that will give a number of relevant results. And transactional search engine is used to search any product or brand from where the customer wants to purchase.

Examples of search engine

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex are the example of search engine. Google is the more popular and dominant search engine worldwide. Baidu is only available in the Chinese language due to its privacy policy issues.

How Search Engine works?

The search engine works in three parts:

  1. Crawling: Search the web for , looking over the content for every URL they find.
  2. Indexing: Accumulate and arrange the content found during the crawling process. Once a page is within the index, it displayed as a result to relevant queries.
  3. Ranking: Provide the pieces of content which will be the best answer a searcher’s query, which suggests that results are ordered by most apropos to least apropos.
  • Advantages
  • Easy to use.
  • Get lots of information in one place.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • Free access.
  • Compendious.

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